Swimming Pool at Wilson Garden

Located in a prime location of the city, Ray Center has international amenities and trainers. Take a tour around our swimming pool, workout center and other facilities.

Swimming Pool

Take an energizing dip in our international standard Olympic size swimming pool at Wilson Garden, Bangalore. Or enroll for our “learn to swim” sessions to learn swimming.

Ray Center Wilson Garden is equipped with 50 meter swimming pool and a warm up pool. This can cater to all types of learning programs with extended focus on competitive preparation. 

Our Swimming Coach holds over 30 years of experience training and nurturing swimmers of all abilities as one of the Bangalore’s largest providers of swimming lessons and courses. Our instructors are well-equipped with the skills for the job, having graduated from a rigorous course to become certified in teaching swimming lessons.

Public Batch Membership VS  Monthly Swimming Membership  VS Casual Swim Session

Public Batch Swimming

Every Day Stand in queue

  • Limited to one fixed 30 min slot in a day. (to be selected while taking up membership)
  • Access to only 50 m pool but deep end (beyond 5 ft) not allowed
  • Crowded and no lane discipline
  • Deep end (beyond 5 feet) not allowed
  • No Referral Bonus

Swimming Membership

Privileged and hassle-free entry to the Pool

  • Flexible timings, come any time as per your convenience
  • Access to both 50 mtr pool (8 lanes) and exclusive pool
  • Lane discipline is followed to ensure you get a good cardio session
  • Access to deepend (7 feet)
  • Referral Bonus worth upto Rs 5000

Casual Swimming

Privileged and hassle-free entry to the Pool

  • One Hour Slot (to be booked in advance through Playo app)
  • No access to 50 mtr pool. Only exclusive pool (4 ft depth )
  • Maybe crowded
  • 50 Mtr Pool not allowed
  • No Referral Bonus