Members Corner

Ray Center - Wilson Garden - Membership Details

Duration Price Tax Total
Monthly 1780 320 2100
Quarterly 3814 686 4500
Half Yearly 6780 1220 8000
Yearly 10169 1831 12000

Terms :

* Membership charges includes access to warm-up pool based on pool availability.

* Access to 50-meter pool is subject to approval from coach.


Premium Pool 50 Meter Pool
Weekdays Weekends Weekdays Weekends
7AM to 10 AM 6AM to 8AM 6AM o 10AM 6AM to 10AM
12PM to 3PM 12PM to 3PM 12PM to 3PM 12PM to 3PM
9PM to 10PM 6PM to 10PM 5PM to 10PM 5PM to 10PM

Casual Swimming and PlayO (100 Rs per hour)

To be allowed only as per above chart and terms

Public batch membership

* Access only during public batch hours

* 35 minutes’ swim time + 10 min entry and exit – Total 45 min