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Got a question about Kids Swimming Class at Ray Center? Our FAQ section is a comprehensive rundown of the questions we are asked the most.

What happens at my child’s 1st lesson?

Once you proceed onto poolside you will be greeted by our instructors. Just let them know you are new and they will have you on their registers. The children will meet their instructor, who will then assess their swimming ability throughout the lesson to ensure that they are in the right class.

The first couple of sessions are all about getting your child comfortable in the water, meeting the other children and getting them excited for the journey ahead.

How should I prepare my child for a lesson?

It’s great to let your children know what they will be doing as part of their swimming lesson. Tell them they will have a new teacher, tell them how much fun they will have learning a new sport, and why it is so important for them to learn to swim.

Please arrive to the venue approximately 5 to 10 minutes before the class is due to start to give you time to find your bearings and get changed. Wait near the lounge before the session is about to start. Ray center representative will escort your kid to the pool.

Don’t forget:

* Swimming costume or tight fitting trunks

* Towel

* Swimming cap

* Goggles (not compulsory)

* No jewelry

* No armbands or floaters

* Children shouldn’t swim on a full stomach; please don’t allow your child to eat anything substantial one hour before the session

* If your child is feeling sickly, unwell or has an upset stomach it is not advised they attend lessons

What should my child expect from each lesson?

Each lesson will be structured so that it is productive and fun for your child, regardless of what ability level they are at.

Children will be warmed up for the first 5 minutes of their lesson, followed by key swimming and technical skills. Occasionally there will be fun activity at the end.

My child is of a lower swimming ability, will their lessons be different?

Children in basic learn to swim groups who are unable to swim independently will benefit from our instructors delivering the lesson in the water for confidence and support. Our trainers will ensure the children can be independent in their swimming, to aid travel and movement in the water and, more importantly, they are safe.

The basic classes will focus on short, repetitive swims to ensure they are reinforcing all of the skills they are learning. Swimming long distances at the start of their swimming journey is not beneficial, as the children tire and their skill breaks down.

How many children are in each class?

Classes have a maximum of 10 children per instructor.

How is my child’s progress monitored?

All children are assessed on a continual basis. Your child’s instructor will record their progress weekly and update parents when they are allowed.

How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?

All children progress at different levels and speeds, and this also varies depending on what point your child joins our program.

Can my child progress further?

Yes, we can teach your child how to swim to a pre-competitive level.

What if my child is too advanced for their class?

Instructors will monitor your child and decide whether they need to move classes. If you feel like your child is progressing at a faster rate than some children, please chat to us about this.

Movements can be suggested at any point during the course and it is our priority to ensure that all children are working to their full potential and capability.

How do I go about speaking to my child’s swim instructor?

Please feel free to raise any issues that you may have with the instructors or at Ray Center reception. The administrator will then feed these back to the concerned.

We request the parents don’t disturb the instructors unless it is essential; we like their time to focus solely on teaching the children.

Alternatively, please email us at or call us on +917022000222 or leave your feedback on

My child has a disability, can they still join?

We aim to be an all-inclusive programme and do what we can to cater to everybody; it is important that we know about medical conditions, no matter how small.

Please contact our reception to discuss your individual requirements and possibility of joining one of our classes.

What happens if a session is cancelled?

If a planned session is cancelled, our main priority is to re-schedule the session.

What happens if I don’t pay for my fees during the payment window?

If you haven’t paid for the next block of lessons by the end of the payment window, then your place will not be secured for the following term and will be offered to a child on the waiting list.

What is the payment window?

50% at the time of booking and 50% on 1st day of the class

How can I book the lessons?

Our simple online booking process allows you to book your course in a few clicks.


Can I pay for the lesson at ray center?

Yes, cash, cheques or card swiping are accepted at the center. Please ensure that you pay before the lesson.